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Summer Garlic Pesto

From Savi: Garlic Scapes are this thin curvy beauties with a flower at the top. They are found in farmer's markets and grocery stores during summer. This green top part of the garlic is chopped off to promote bigger bulbs. Do not be fooled with their curvy vibrant color, they are as intense as garlic. They can be chopped and be frozen for the winter months. I have tried various recipes with them this summer including garlic scape dhal, infused ghee, pureed scapes in bread, and as a garnish on my ramen noodle, and more. If you love garlic (who doesn't?), this recipe is a nice addition this summer. When i say these green are intense i am not exaggerating. If you break a small piece and smell, it hits straight to your nostrils.

This recipe can be used as a dip or pesto. I have given it a little indian twist with the addition of mustard seeds which is totally optional.

How to use these greens?

The stalk towards the flower is more tender and less fibrous. The best one to pick are the most slender, bright green and curvier ones. The stalk toward the bulb tends to be tough and fibrous which can trimmed off. Blanching is a key step to use these shoots. I have done the mistake of using them as they are and they were so intense that i had to throw the whole batch away. They can be cut into pieces and stored in freezer. Mince them and add them to any sauté dishes.


3/4 cup blanched and chopped Garlic scape

1/3 cup raw almonds

2 Tablespoon Olive oil

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Warm water to help in blending

Mustard seeds (optional)

Recipe 1: Pesto

Place all the above ingredients and blend to coarse paste. Keep add warm water to help blend. Transfer into a container and Store in the refrigerator or freeze for later use.

Recipe 2: Indian twist

Place all the ingredients except olive oil and blend it to coarse paste. Transfer this puree to a container. Gently heat up oil in a skillet and add 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds. Once the seeds begin to pop, add them to the prepared pesto/chutney. Mix well and use.


Be creative.....

On pizza with some creamy mozzarella and tomatoes

On Pasta with some sun dried tomatoes

spread it on wraps or Panini

Tell us how you used this pesto and post! Be sure to add the hashtag #cooklikeayogi