• Chef Yogi

Pakora Style Kale Chips

From Savitha:

Kale is popular now as it has been for over a decade. I stumbled upon it a few years back and I did what most Indians will do when we come across a new veggie or green - we cook them with dal/lentils. I did that for long period of time and then the world of smoothies and kale was introduced to me and quickly became my new best friend! Veggies any cooking household will buy weekly include onions, garlic, ginger, tomato, green chili pepper, cilantro, potatoes, spinach and now kale. Spinach has taken the role of younger brother now that hearty, more vibrant, longer limbed Kale is here.

Pakodas are fritters which are deep fried vegetables in chickpea flour. When monsoons hit India, all veggies wrap themselves in chickpea batter for some warmth. Name a vegetable and we have lathered it in chickpea flour and fried them. I wouldn't say they are healthy but

goodness, they are delicious. The street carts in India begin to light their cook stoves right around 4:30pm and the smells begin to tingle your senses as you walk back home from your work. You can say no to unhealthy, oily, fried food on Monday, Tuesday, etc. but as Friday rolls around, everyone will stop by their favorite vendor and get their pakoda fix. My favorites are with crisp thinly sliced onions and my husband's are long chilly peppers.

Here is my recipe for a baked version of these pakodas with kale.


I bunch of kale - remove the thick mid rib

(I use scissors to cut them off)

2 TBS of chickpea flour

1 1/2 TBS of semolina flour (this gives the crispy texture but can be subsituted with rice flour and fine corn meal)

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 tsp of chili powder

Pinch of cumin powder

1 tsp of coconut oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Water to form a thin batter

Cooking spray

Process and procedures:

Pre-heat the oven for 475 degrees Wash and prep the Kale. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Check for taste and adjust salt/pepper as needed. Add water gradually to whisk away any lumps. The batter needs to be runny so that it thinly coats the kale. It doesn't have to be uniform coating either. Gently shake the excess batter and place them on a lightly sprayed baking sheet. Once all these battered beauties line up on your baking sheet, pop them in the oven for about 5 minutes.


The smaller pieces begin to crisp up sooner. If your kale pieces were larger and thickly coated, you might have to flip them on the other side and bake again for another 5 minutes.


Personal note: my first tray were a slightly thickly coated and i had to turn them over. They took a total of 12 minutes. My other sheet had smaller pieces and thinly coated and were done in about 8 minutes. So be patient and practice breathing :)

They will cool off immediately and will be ready to eat. My two kids and I finished them off for our evening snack and did not save one for my husband. Great recipe to get your kids involved. This is what happens at Moms summer camp.


Right off the pan with your family and friends or wait so that its completely cooled off and store them in air tight zip locks or containers. Hope you give this recipe a try and tag us with #cooklikeayogi