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Dining Outside & ASTEYA

From Marty:

In yoga's ethical practice, the 3rd Yama (Asteya), means to not steal and it goes way beyond taking something that doesn't belong to you. Asteya goes deep, and forces us to think about our lives and what we take - not only from others but ourselves as well. One idea Asteya brought to me was something I do all the time, I am ashamed to admit. Sometimes when talking with others, I steal the energy and focus and make it about myself instead of the person I'm speaking with in conversation. Asteya reminds me that I need to be a good listener, ask thoughtful questions and only give advice if expressly asked. One example of stealing from ourselves is purposefully missing out on time that could be spent on our well being, physical body and spirit. I am consistently guilty of this - choosing a game on my phone or TV program when I could be making better choices for myself. We are all human and do these things. It's not about feeling guilty, but being mindful of the lesson that is learned. The lesson is the gift and as we continue on our journey we become a better contributor and ultimately a more content person. Spread the joy - reciprocate the love and energy to others, practice Asteya.

Opting for breakfast on top of a mountain takes a little planning including waking up at 3AM to begin the adventure. For me, the ego kicked in, telling me: 3AM? I need the sleep. The night before, putting together a day pack after I've cooked for my family? I'm too tired. What if I come across a creepy person on the trail? A mountain lion? Bear? I'm too scared. If I had adhered to any of this nonsense reasoning, I wouldn't have gone for that AMAZING hike. I would have stolen that opportunity from myself and that would have been a shame. This is where Asteya came to mind. Ignoring my ego and taking on the adventure left me with a soul filling, quad-burning awesome hike and breakfast on top of a mountain while watching the sunrise. Worth a few hours loss of sleep and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Recipe for a Mountain Top Breakfast:

Homemade granola (I got mine at Bindle's Coffee in Fort Collins or make your own)

Almond milk (or what ever milk you enjoy)

2 reusable bowls, spoons and napkins (no plastic!)

Optional: fresh berries

1 amazing friend (at least) who agrees to hike at 4AM

After you summit, take it all in. Appreciate your life and your surroundings. Focus on what you have that makes your life amazing. Even if you don't have a mountain or other natural wonder close by - take a coffee/tea break or next meal outside. Bring a book, and leave your phone behind. Enjoy your time with the fresh air.



Tania Hare - agreed immediately to hike, at 4AM on a Wednesday morning. What a great friend!

Sunrise over Fort Collins from 7,260 feet

A young deer greeted us the way back from our hike

View from the west side of Horsetooth Mountain