Arthur is a pig that was saved from slaughter back in the summer of 2017.  He came from a place of extreme physical pain and mistrust of people.  As told by Amy Smith, co-founder, (along with Von Bortz) at Rescued Friends Animal Sanctuary in Fort Collins, CO.     

Arthur came to us June 22, 2017.  He was advertised on Craigslist as a 'free butcher' pig.  Luckily the vegan community in Colorado Springs rallied to try to find him a home, and is soon as I saw his picture I knew we had to take him.  He actually survived being slaughtered two times; the first time the lady did not have an appointment so they wouldn’t take him, the second time they couldn’t get him off of the truck (he could barely walk when we got him) and because of an old injury to his spine he struggles with mobility.  But after living with us and being on CBD oil, he is able to walk now!  He’s a completely different pig compared to the first day we saw him.​

- Enjoy our chat with Arthur (with a little help from Amy) -


What condition - physical and spiritual were you in when you arrived at RFAS? 

I was a broken pig - mind, body, and spirit. I was so afraid of humans, even when the rescuers were trying to get me into the trailer I was afraid.


Tell us how long it took to start adjusting to farm life and the people who take care of you?

As soon as I got off a trailer (boy, that was hard since I could not walk so good), I heard very kind voices and felt soft touches on my body. I had clean soft straw to sleep in and watermelon to eat.  The food lady, I later came to know as Amy, brought me so many delicious treats I have never had before, and she was sit with me every day and tell me what a good boy I was and how strong and brave and handsome I was and that she loved me.  The veterinarians were very nice too, they took pictures of my back to see what was wrong.  Everyone was so gentle with me and smiled a lot.  After week here I decided that I loved it, but I sometimes still remember what my life was like before, and I’m really glad that I get to live here. I feel like the luckiest pig in the world!

What is farm life all about? Explain a typical day 

I get up with the sun, I love to greet the day and get the sun on my body.  Then the piglets wake up and nose around me telling me about their dreams.  Then the food people bring us all the yummiest breakfast!  It’s always a surprise, (sometimes we get sweets, but pumpkin pie is my favorite.)  Then I either lay in the sun if it’s cold or go back to my blanket nest if it’s snowing, or lay in the mud pit if it’s hot. 


Who are your favorite friends at RFAS?

I love Amy, she is my favorite, and I know that I am her favorite because she tells me (but I never let the piglets know).  I also really like my little piglet friends who live with me, they are tiny and cute and I get to live a better piglet life through them.  They were scared when they first moved in with me, but I told them not to worry and that they are safe now and Uncle Arthur will watch over them!

Do you ever get cranky?

I get kind of cranky when someone forgets to scoop my poop, it’s hard for me to move out of it sometimes and I hate to be poopy! It is not becoming of a gentleman such as myself!

Do you like to exercise? If so, what is your favorite activity?

Moving it around is very hard for my body, so I don’t exercise much.  But my mind is strong!  I meditate at sunrise and sunset to keep my spirit strong and always send love and gratitude out into the universe.

If you met someone who started out with a hard life like you - what advice would you give?

Don’t be afraid to trust all people just because some of them are mean.  I used to wish for warmth, good food, and a clean bed, and love…and I finally got it!  Don’t give up on your dreams and keep putting love out into the universe because it will come back to you!

What is something about pigs that most people don’t know?

Pigs have good memories, we don’t forget the wrongs that were done to us, but we can forgive.  And we most certainly remember the people that are kind to us!  I can also smell a treat in your pocket!

Do you have a mantra? (We would love to know a pig’s mantra!)

Greet the day with joy, live the day with joy, and bid the day farewell with joy!  And love, love, love!

We know pumpkin pie is your very favorite.  Would you mind sharing the recipe with us?















Amy’s modification: buying Vegan, GF pie crusts (to get Arthur his pie even faster!)


For teaching us to TRUST our path

and to LOVE with all of our heart


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Special thanks to 

Amy Smith and Von Bortz for giving Arthur and all the other deserving animals a beautiful life