recipe for health and fulfillment.  Together, they offer total body and mind wellness through energy healing and diet with love and compassion for the planet.      

- Enjoy our chat with Christina & Casey -

Christina Gonzalez is a certified Theta healer and a medical intuitive.  She works as a vibrational healer and part time private healthy chef.  She is currently developing her own healing methodology for ridding the body of viruses, rehabilitating the immune system and relieving the body of physical, mental and emotional traumas.  She does this by utilizing a variety of tools that are based on sound, light and vibration.  In her cooking she focuses on food sensitivities and chemical sensitivities, children and adults with ADD, autism, depression and anxiety.  In the future, she and Casey hope to blend their love for the planet by perfecting an earth-friendly diet.

Casey Davis has been studying and working in the wellness field for over 8 years as an energy healer and wellness consultant.  He became a master level reiki practitioner in 2012 through Padmachaya: Institute for inner study.  His mother is a great vegan, macrobiotic cook in her own right - Casey acknowledges her for his foundation for cooking healthy food. In 2010, Casey was living on the island of Kauai and became fascinated with the power of raw foods. He got a job working in the kitchen of an amazing raw food cafe called “Rainbow Living Foods”.  This experience impacted him in a short amount of time, and he still carries that inspiration with him in his work.  Christina's influence took him to the next level in cooking - she is his muse in the kitchen.  Casey currently lives and works out of their home in Severna Park, MD.

What life event(s) led you to the wellness field?

Christina:  I was very sick as a child and continued to have health problems into my adult life.  After years of being on conventional medicines and racking up large hospital bills, I realized at 26 that lack of nutrition and food sensitivities was the primary issue. This was the start of my journey to healing and loving myself through yoga and real food.

Casey:  Losing my health was a huge catalyst for me, like it is for many people in the field.  One day I was a strong healthy young man with infinite amounts of energy to pull from and suddenly I was chronically fatigued and sick.  It really shook me up.  I had taken my health and vitality for granted and suddenly it was all taken away and I had no idea how to get it back.  Conventional medicine doctors couldn’t help me.  After years of them telling me there was nothing wrong, they finally gave me a celiac panel blood test and it came back positive for celiac disease.  This was just one piece of the puzzle though and I had to fill in the gaps with my own study and seeking out alternative medicine.  I started cooking for myself at this point out of necessity.

Tell us about Reiki and being a healer

Christina:  As a healer I feel responsible to remind people of their own bodies healing potential through the understanding that our mind, body and soul all have needs that shouldn’t be ignored.  Much of my work is in helping people to fulfill the needs of their being to reach optimal levels of health and wellness.  

Casey:  Reiki really broke me open to the direct experience of gods love flowing through me and opening my heart to that divine presence.  It was a revelation!  I’d never felt anything so pure and so good.  I had this feeling that I was absolutely loved and taken care of all the time.  After getting attuned I just wanted to share that love with everyone.  My healing business Open Heart Reiki was a direct manifestation of that desire.


How important is food for sustaining a healthy body, or healing a body towards recovery (from injury/emotional stress)?

Christina:  Nothing compares!  It’s the only way.

Casey:  Food in my experience is probably the most important factor in sustaining lasting health and vitality.  In my own healing journey eating truly nutritious foods has been a key factor in most of my healing breakthroughs.  Good food is the best medicine.

Does yoga find a way into your life/work practice?

Christina:  Absolutely!  It keeps me energized, centered and motivated.  It gives me the strength and confidence to accomplish my dreams and serve others happily.

Casey:  Yoga to me is always about union and it relates to everything we desire to be one with.  The yoga of food is acknowledging our sacred connection to eating.  When we eat we are bringing in prana.  Acknowledging the source of that gift of life force is usually in my heart and mind when I am preparing food.  Yoga asana and Qi Gong are how I open up my physical energy channels, center and connect to my breath.


When you are cooking a meal, what is your mission in the kitchen?

Christina: To give people life!  I like to show people how much energy they really have inside and how good they can feel.

Casey:  My primary mission is create something that makes us feel good while also being naturally full of exciting flavors.  Both Christina and I have sensitivities to overly processed foods, conventional oils, gluten and a number of other things.  We both generally believe food should make you feel good.  We don’t eat stuff that makes us feel lousy just because it tastes good.  We like to make our own versions of things with organic ingredients and they taste even better.

What is your life mantra?

Christina:  Nothing is impossible!  When you put love and faith together, there is nothing that can’t be done.

Casey:  Love heals all.  I truly believe that love heals all wounds in time if we are willing to let it work.


What was your inspiration behind creating the recipe CHIPOTLE CASHEW CREAM POTATO?  

Casey:  I had just made a big pot of red kidney beans and was baking some potatoes that my father grew in our garden.  I also had some cashews soaking on the table.

I love the smoky, spicy flavor of chipotle and I thought it would make a an awesome spicy cream sauce.  I used to love loaded baked potatoes with sour cream, cheese and chives.  I wanted to create something easy, filling and nutritious while satisfying that desire for comfort food.  Most of my food is the result of me getting creative with what I have available in the moment.


2 C. of Red Kidney Beans

1 piece of Kombu

1 bay leaf

6 potatoes (I used yukon gold)
1 C. of raw cashews

1/2 tsp. of chipotle pepper powder
1/4 tsp. of lime juice
Sea salt to taste

1 Bunch fresh chives, chopped and set aside


You can use canned beans, but fresh cooked beans always taste better to me.  Presoak 2 cups. of red kidney beans overnight or 8 hours.  Rinse several times until clean.  Bring 4 cups of water to boil in a large pot with a bay leaf and 1 piece of kombu seawead.  Place beans in pot lower heat to simmer and cover for up to 2 hours.  Check beans periodically until they are soft and fully cooked.


Preheat Oven to 400°
Wash potatoes and poke a few holes in them with a fork.
Place on oven rack and bake for 50 minutes.  

Soak cashews for at least 1 hour until they are soft.  I use cashew pieces instead of whole because they are usually cheaper and soak faster than whole ones.  Rinse cashews thoroughly and place a in blender with chipotle powder, lime juice, and salt.  Add a small amount of water.  Blend mixture until smooth and creamy.  If consistency is not smooth and creamy add a little more water and blend again.


Remove potatoes from oven cut into sections or halves.  Spoon on beans, drizzle on the cashew cream and sprinkle chives on top.

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And that's a wrap.  Christina and Casey, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking time out for us.


Savita, Stephanie and Marty